Berge meets with top economic leaders in Eastern Europe to solidify manufacturing relationships & facilitate factory purchase to accommodate recent acquisitions demands.

FAIRFIELD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2021 / Bergio International Inc. (OTC PINK:BRGO), a premier jewelry designer and manufacturer, moved forward with steps to expand international jewelry manufacturing in Eastern Europe to accommodate growing customer and market demand after recent landmark acquisitions of Aphrodite’s and GearBubble.

CEO Berge Abajian went on a tour of Eastern Europe, including Istanbul, Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia, to meet with global economic leaders, including Vladimir Karapetyan, Ambassador to Ukraine, and Vahan Kerobyan Minister of Economy, both from the Republic of Armenia. He also met with the Head of Customs to discuss import and export assistance to facilitate transportation in and out of the Republic of Armenia.

Bergio is currently negotiating the 50% purchase of a factory located in the Republic of Armenia. The company is awaiting documents to review inventory, assets, and conduct all financial due diligence on the anticipated acquisition.

Vahan Kerobyan, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, and Berge Abajian, CEO of Bergio

Berge Abajian, CEO of Bergio, and Vladimir Karapetyan Ambassador to Ukraine from the Republic of Armenia

Bergio International Plans to Expand Overseas Jewelry Manufacturing

“Further establishing our international manufacturing footprint will allow us to expand and contract our jewelry production as needed,” shared Berge Abajian, CEO of Bergio International. “This will enable us to gain a stronger control over cost while continuing to improve the quality that our customers have grown to expect from our brands.”

The labor force in Eastern Europe is as competitive as the far east and has only been growing stronger. The area offers superior talent in jewelry manufacturing and higher ethical standards in factories, making the thriving region a desirable international hub. The location is also a key factor, allowing Bergio to open the key Russian market that is readily available from the Republic of Armenia.

Bergio has been on a mission to grow, diversify and increase its global presence since going public back in 2008. They recently acquired Aphrodite’s, a fast-growing jewelry e-tailer, for $5 million, and GearBubble, a B2B e-commerce fulfillment platform, for $3.2 million. To meet the ever-growing customer demands, it was imperative to solidify overseas manufacturing operations. The most recent acquisitions require manufacturing to be nimble and pivot on a dime to increase inventory on product styles that become popular. And since the items will be manufactured within the Bergio supply chain, the quality will remain high.

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