Bergio International Announces Full Payment on Trillium’s Note | 02.12.22

Bergio International, Inc. (“Bergio,” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK:BRGO), an American holding corporation and global leader in fine and fashion jewelry has reported a $500,000 note has been fully paid to Trillium. Trillium was instrumental in funding two key acquisitions which immediately propelled Bergio’s brand portfolio to the next level. Bergio’s liabilities, balance sheet, and stockholder equity have drastically improved with the payment of the note.

Berge Abajian, CEO, Bergio International stated, “I am pleased that Trillium has been fully paid and converted. I am also thrilled that the funds from Trillium were used for an outstanding strategic plan to purchase Aphrodite’s, a demi-fine and costume DTC (direct to consumer) jewelry brand, and Gearbubble, a B2B POD (print on demand) consumer goods company which has transformed our brand portfolio to be the renowned leader in our niche”.

He continued, “A key creditor is now off our books, I understand that it led to some dilution. But with Trillium being paid in full the dilution will slow down. However, this Trillium dilution was instrumental which fueled our explosive growth last year. We expanded our e-commerce platforms, provided an end-to-end solution on both B2C and B2B fronts, and capped record sales. And, we’re ahead of our projections. Our most recent acquisition, Aphrodite’s, led the way with the largest sales revenue within our portfolio. While Gearbubble achieved the highest growth rate during Q4. We are in a solid position currently and will be focussing on critical growth opportunities in 2022.”

He added, “With a bolstered balance sheet and stockholder equity this gives the company an opportunity to be funded through regular conventional loans and avoid funding via convertible notes, a direction that we’re heading to.”

Bergio is on an even higher trajectory for growth this year than last year. The brand is moving forward in 2022 with an enhanced outlook for all aspects of its business including development plans and product offerings.

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