When Berge Abajian launched his company Bergio International (OTCMKTS: BRGO) in 1995, it would be that start of a remarkable road to the success they have found today. This global leader in jewelry design and manufacturing only continues to grow not only in product, but also in its decision to go public and recent acquisition plans. They announced the acquisition of Aphrodite’s earlier this year and just recently announced the intent to acquire GearBubble. The expansion should bring in millions of revenue for the brand.

Aphrodite’s is a fast-growing e-tailer for jewelry. Bergio recognized its potential and bought it for $5 million back in February. “We want to create an experience for our shoppers,” says Berge, who is the President, CEO, and Head Designer of Bergio International. “We believe the experience is just as important as the quality of the gem and the piece itself.” Before the purchase, Aphrodite’s had $10 million in sales. Now, sales are up 40% at $14 million.

Berge signed a letter of intent for yet another company in order to increase customer e-shopping experience last week: GearBubble. GearBubble is an e-commerce fulfillment platform that assists users in purchasing products on sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and others. The acquisition will be finalized on July 1, 2021.

Bergio International is not just another run-of-the-mill jewelry design and manufacturer. Berge is a third-generation jewelry designer. His family has been manufacturing jewelry for nearly a century. “We were manufacturing and designing jewelry in the Old City of Jerusalem, and we had one of the most significant manufacturing operations in Manhattan,” says Berge. Success in the jewelry business appears to be hereditary.

Berge undoubtedly gained precious and key knowledge from his family, but this isn’t all that he utilizes to raise his company to the top. “I’m fortunate to have a lifetime of knowledge from the people before us and some new ideas of the present day,” Berge explains. Berge uses what he has learned in the past and connects it appropriately to modern times.

The company’s vision is sincere and truly different from its competitors. “I love making people happy and working with happy people,” says Berge. When designing jewelry, Berge makes it a point to not copy other competitors. He ensures every single piece that his brand creates hasn’t already been created elsewhere. This ingenuity and care bring in customers who appreciate unique designs in their jewelry, not the commercialized and trendy kinds.

“I’m heavily inspired by what I see around me—architecture, museums, even looking at different colors,” Berge says. Surroundings inspire art, which Berge and his company know very well, and this inspiration is what provides Bergio’s clientele with only the best and most personalized creations. “I create my pieces for confident women, and I want my pieces to be an accent to a woman’s beauty,” explains Berge. “She is strong and confident, and she knows what she’s worth.”

Bergio’s recent acquisitions of Aphrodite’s and GearBubble are undoubtedly exciting and already proving to be profitable. Yet, the company has even more plans for the future. The company intends on expanding even more– by going overseas. “We hope to open factories in Armenia, increase the production and increase the scaling, and take over the number two or number one spot in that space,” Berge says. At the moment, the company holds the number four spot, but doesn’t intend on resting until they reach number one.

Berge believes that the company has the right tools to rise to the top, but the company needs time– not much time, though. According to Berge, it will only take a year. “We will move up, and we are on the rise. In the future, we will be a prominent force to be reckoned with,” says Berge.